Thursday, December 3, 2015

Various Places to visit in Bangladesh for your next tour

Did you ever give it a thought that places in the globe that might be small and not that famous like other countries might be beautiful and they are worth a visit once in a life? Well, if you have then Bangladesh should definitely make it to your list. This is small country surrounded by India in most of its side and has the Bay of Bengal in its south. 

This place is not just known for the parts of Sundarbans that it holds but also of the rich culture and beautiful and traditional places that the country holds. Let’s give you a sneak peek about the various places to visit in Bangladesh

Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho (National Martyrs' Memorial): The first place that is worth the visit when you are in Bangladesh is the Martyrs’ Memorial that shows the passion of the people of this country. This is that monument that holds the country’s pride and has earned its independence with blood from Pakistan in the liberation war of 1971.

Cox Bazaar Beach: Are you a beach person? Then this is one place that you should definitely be when in Bangladesh. This is World’s largest natural sea beach and gives away a beautiful view of the fantastic Bay of Bengal. Enjoy the wholesome goodness that this beautiful beach will provide to your senses. 

Liberation war Museum: Bangladesh is mostly known as a country that went in to war with Pakistan to save their mother tongue (Bengali) which in itself is one of its kind movements. This liberation museum is among those places to visit in Bangladesh that will give you a sense of understanding that how important mother tongue is. This museum in Dhaka city might be small but has so many stories to tell that can make you emotional.

Shahid Minar: This is another remembrance of the Great War that was fought for the mother tongue and is a tribute to all the mother tongue around the world. This memoir is dedicated to 21st of February which is celebrated as World Mother Tongue Day around the globe. 

Saint Martin Island: This is located in the Chittagong division of Bangladesh and is farthest land in Bangladesh. A sea truck from Cox Bazaar is one of the easiest ways to reach this beautiful coral island with beach and blue sea surrounding it. 

Sundarban: If you are fascinated by the Royal Bengal Tiger then this is one place to be. The place is known for its ecology and mangrove forests. You can take a boat ride near the marshy jungles which is house to various species of birds and animals and especially the infamous Royal Bengal tiger. 

Lalbag Fort: If you want to feel the essence and the history of the undivided Bengal then the lalbag fort in the heart of Dhaka city is one place to be and enjoy the history that holds in its walls and the well kept luscious gardens.
These places are not all there are many more places to see in this beautiful country which has so much more than you can imagine.

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