Sunday, December 20, 2015

Have an amazing experience with an exclusive tour of Himachal Pradesh

India is a land where there is so much to see and experience at the same time. This land is a combination of deserts and mountains, snow and beaches, plains and valley and so much more. If you want to experience everything in a single country with a touch of culture and tradition then come down to India once in your life. Among these choices one such places that you should pay a visit when you are in India is Himachal Pradesh. This is the land of snow, mountains, breathtaking landscapes, apples and peace. 

Take your exclusive tour of Himachal Pradesh:

If you are planning for your maiden Himachal Pradesh tour then there are certain things that are is essential to be kept in mind and those are, it is a cold place and you will need to pack some good warm clothes and yes prepared to get mesmerized. This whole area has so much to show you so let’s provide you with some idea as to where to be and what to do when in Himachal Pradesh. 

There are various places to visit in Himachal Pradesh and all these places are known to have a huge tourist attraction round the year. Places such as Dharmashala, Kulu, Manali, Shimla (the capital), Dalhousie, Mcleodganj, Kinnaur, Chamba Valley, Spiti Valley, Kangra Valley and Lahaul. Each of these places is equally famous for various reasons and is stuffed with places to visit. In an average the whole of Himachal Pradesh is known to have number of temples, Churches, Buddhist Monasteries and forts, and other monuments that are a must see. Rotang Pass is among the most viewed tourist attraction because it is a pass that is covered by huge moulds of snow round the year. In your exclusive Himachal Pradesh Tour you should make it a point to go for a white water rafting, snow sliding and taking a stroll to the snowy regions on the back of a yak.

Perfect time to visit Himachal Pradesh:

The weather in Himachal Pradesh is cold and ideally the best time to visit this mountain region is from the month of April till June. As it is that time of the year when the weather is bit mild and you will be able to enjoy adventures such as trekking and all the attractions in Himachal. 

Reaching Himachal Pradesh:

The connectivity to this beautiful region in India is pretty well owing to the fact that state is mostly situated in the mountainous regions or valley. You can reach Himachal Pradesh by air from major destinations in India such as Delhi and Chandigarh. It has some major connectivity with the rails. But the best and most exciting way to reach this beautiful destination is by taking the toy train service from Kalka to Shimla. You have to take a train up to Kalka (which generally starts from Chandigarh) and bask in to the beauty of this place slowly and steadily.

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