Saturday, December 26, 2015

Experience the serenity of the beautiful Bhutan with various kinds of tour packages to choose from

The small country near the Himalayas and is also a neighbor of India. This country is a small kingdom is a quaint place known for its serene beauty and very hospitable and charming people. The country might be small is has some of praise worthy sight-seeing that provides for the value of money. If you are thinking to wonder and breathe in the goodness of snowcapped mountains, cold weather and sunshine then Bhutan is one such place that should make its entry to your itinerary list. 

The tour package for visiting Bhutan:

Bhutan tour package usually starts off from the Kingdom capital of Thimpu. This is the land of Thunder dragon that overlooks some of the best views and will give you an experience of your lifetime. The place has a huge number of Buddhist Monasteries that you can pay visit once you are in the country. The people of Bhutan and will give you the share to their happiness so that you are on your way to having the best time of your life and remember all you have seen and done in Bhutan. 

The route to Bhutan is accessible from the Indian Mainland you can take a road trip from India or directly fly to Paro. The place is has so much to see and enjoy and you are sure to find some of the best places there where you can just sit back and enjoy the warmth of the Bhutanese hospitality. There are various Bhutan Tour Package concerns that you will easily come across in the internet with the help of which you can get a taste of the amazing Bhutan.

To make sure you settle for the best all you have to do is cater to the internet and do some research and then accordingly select the tour package that sits to your need and budget. All these tour packages are made for various purposes and offer, food, lodging, sightseeing and some adventure sports and also travelling. A 5 day 4 nights is perfect to complete the wonderful tour of Bhutan. But it is totally up to you whether you want to go for the same or want to just extend your tour. 

But yes if you are traveling with family which has kids then it is essential that you take a better not and do an extensive research on the tour company, get the reviews left by the previous customers also see the ratings. Comparing between the companies is the best way to understand whether you are with the right kind of company or not. You might not find a huge price difference between the tour packages. The prices of these packages are more or less same and are most importantly used keeping in mind the need from individual to individual.
So, people pack your bags and belongings and set out on your holiday for the beautiful Bhutan with your sear ones.

Take a trip to the energetic Vizag and enjoy the radiance of the sea

Located in the south-eastern part of India in the State of Andhra Pradesh is the beautiful city of Vizag. The place has all the potentialities which make it one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in India. It has Sea on one side and has thriving city on the other. You will get to see a combination of nature and modern lives in this wonderful port city of the India.  

What to expect from the Vizag tour?

Vishakapatnam or Vizag is a Port city of India and is known to have the largest Ship building yard in India. The City is in the shores of Indian Peninsula and is also head of the Eastern-command centre of the Indian Navy. The best time to visit Vizag is in the later part of the year and the weather is at its best. If you are planning to have an all-in-one place to be this holiday then nothing can beat Vizag. The vizag sightseeing tour will help you have a tour of the natural beauty which is a mix of hill ranges and the sea at the same time. The climate of this place is on the moderate side. 

The vizag sightseeing tour also consists of the lush greenery as the city s surrounded by three hells on the three different sides. All these hills are covered with various kinds of temples, dargas and churches so that you can have the taste of traditionalism and spirituality. Take a trip to the Araku valley which is one of the famous spots in Vizag. This is an enchanting hill station which is surrounded by beautiful beach. It has salubrious weather and has various kinds of streams and waterfalls that is a rhythm to the senses. 

The Ramakrishna beach and the Kailasagiri hill are some of the other popular destinations to be when in Vizag. Do visit the Borra caves and the Submarine museum to get a taste of the powerful Indian Naval fleet. Dolphin’s Nose and Port is another beach that you can visit which is in the southern part of the Vizag. There are various other beaches which you can enjoy.

The rail route is the best and the budget-savvy way to reach Vizag from anywhere in Indian mainland. You can also take the road route from Hyderabad or Orissa as they are the nearest places to Vizag. So, if you have been worrying about where to go this holiday then consider Vizag for the combination of landscape condition that it offers. Have a stay at some of the beautiful sea resorts and get a taste of the local cuisine and the hospitality of the local people. The people here are very hospitable and they show their place with pride and honor. So, contact a tour concern today and book your tickets to one of the beautiful city in India and take home the beauty and experience of this Port.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Sundarban package tour cost

Want to get a slice of Mangroves and the salty scent of the Bay of Bengal? Then have to take a trip to the mouth of Bay of Bengal, Sundarbans. This is a place that is very important for the eco-system. Every year hundreds and thousands tourists come down here to pay a visit. There are so many various places that are worth a sight in Sundarban. If you are interested to go for a visit in Sundarban then it is important that you come in terms with all the various aspects of your tour to sundarbans especially the cost of the tour package. In this segment we will provide some idea about all you need to know about the sundarban tour. 

An idea about the Sundarban tour package:

The overall Radiance Sundarban tour is a value for money for the customers who come here to breathe in the freshness of the mangrove. There are various kinds of resort that you can choose for your stay at Sundarban. When you choose a tour package, the whole cost that you provide on per head basis covers the lunch, dinner, hotel stay and all kinds of sightseeing that are available in this beautiful place. The Radiance Sundarban tour is a perfect outing for the last weekends of the year when the weather is on the lighter side and you can feel the chills and enjoy the sweet sunshine hovering you from above.

With the amount of money you are about to spend in your tour of Sundarban the guide that you will provided with has an in depth knowledge about the area and is well experienced. You will get to feel the thrill of the canals that opens to the Bay of Bengal with forests on both side. You can take a direct route from Science City Kolkata to Jharkhali which holds the World’s largest mangrove parks and is included in the World Heritage Site. You can go to the Jharkhali watchtower to have an experience of the view of the wildlife below and enjoy the occasional peeks of the Royal Bengal Tiger. 

Take a stroll with a boat in to the river connecting the Bay and Bengal and enjoy a spine chilling experience between the dark forests. The best of opting for the various kinds of tour packages is that they are not on the costly side but is very much reasonable. One night and two days tour costs around INR 3500 with all the facilities and experiences which is otherwise not possible. 

The best time to visit the Sundarbans is the winter when the humidity is not present and you can experience weather and enjoy all the attractions. The time taken from Kolkata to Sunderban is about 3 to 4 hours on road while having a firsthand experience of all the things that you will come across on your way to the beautiful mangrove forests, the sea and also the wildlife and some peek-a-boo of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pay your first North-East visit in India with a tour of Arunachal Pradesh

There are some places around the world that deserves more attention than they usually get and one such destination in India is the beautiful and mesmerizing Arunachal Pradesh. This is one such place that is situated in the far North- Eastern Part of India and has a beauty that is unmatched with the other parts of the country. If you are yet to visit the North-Eastern Part of the country then it is advised to start it with the essence of Arunachal Pradesh. 

An exclusive idea about the tour of Arunachal Pradesh:

Arunachal Pradesh has a Salubrious climate and is tucked in the corner of the North-Easter part of India and in every way very much serene. This place has its mention in various epics and books and is known to one of the most beautiful places in the North-East. The place has variety of places to visit and the best time to take the Arunachal Pradesh Tour is during the mid portion of the year that is during April till June of the year.
As a visitor you can start your Arunachal Pradesh Tour from the capital city of Itanagar whishc has some great archeological excavation spots. Malinithan is also a similar spot that is worth a visit when in Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh is a combination of lush greenery, snow clad mountains and unmatchable scenic beauty that can take away your breath in an instant. The 400 years of tawang Monastry is a place that you should be, moreover, the place Tawang itself is so beautiful that you will stand there and think for a moment and wonder about the beauty that the nature provides. Take a stroll down to the meadows and experience the serenity of the Sela Lake and the ganga Lake. There is so much to see in this place such as the flora and fauna and some of the best wild life sanctuaries that you will ever come across.
This place has every other ingredient to fascinate the traveler coming to this part of the country and sending them all satisfied with the things those are there to offer. 

How to reach Arunachal Pradesh?

To reach to this place you will have to first reach to the centre of North-East from any part of the India and that is Guwahati. From there it is best to reach this place by Bus which is available in deluxe. You can also take the route to the other parts of the north eastern region of the country and then reach this place. Due to the problem of immense and slides monsoon is not the right to travel to this places and the rail networks like most of the part of hilly and regions of North East are yet to connect this beautiful place directly.
Your experience in this beautiful place can be worth remembering thanks to hospitality of the locals who are extremely warm and peaceful.

Have an amazing experience with an exclusive tour of Himachal Pradesh

India is a land where there is so much to see and experience at the same time. This land is a combination of deserts and mountains, snow and beaches, plains and valley and so much more. If you want to experience everything in a single country with a touch of culture and tradition then come down to India once in your life. Among these choices one such places that you should pay a visit when you are in India is Himachal Pradesh. This is the land of snow, mountains, breathtaking landscapes, apples and peace. 

Take your exclusive tour of Himachal Pradesh:

If you are planning for your maiden Himachal Pradesh tour then there are certain things that are is essential to be kept in mind and those are, it is a cold place and you will need to pack some good warm clothes and yes prepared to get mesmerized. This whole area has so much to show you so let’s provide you with some idea as to where to be and what to do when in Himachal Pradesh. 

There are various places to visit in Himachal Pradesh and all these places are known to have a huge tourist attraction round the year. Places such as Dharmashala, Kulu, Manali, Shimla (the capital), Dalhousie, Mcleodganj, Kinnaur, Chamba Valley, Spiti Valley, Kangra Valley and Lahaul. Each of these places is equally famous for various reasons and is stuffed with places to visit. In an average the whole of Himachal Pradesh is known to have number of temples, Churches, Buddhist Monasteries and forts, and other monuments that are a must see. Rotang Pass is among the most viewed tourist attraction because it is a pass that is covered by huge moulds of snow round the year. In your exclusive Himachal Pradesh Tour you should make it a point to go for a white water rafting, snow sliding and taking a stroll to the snowy regions on the back of a yak.

Perfect time to visit Himachal Pradesh:

The weather in Himachal Pradesh is cold and ideally the best time to visit this mountain region is from the month of April till June. As it is that time of the year when the weather is bit mild and you will be able to enjoy adventures such as trekking and all the attractions in Himachal. 

Reaching Himachal Pradesh:

The connectivity to this beautiful region in India is pretty well owing to the fact that state is mostly situated in the mountainous regions or valley. You can reach Himachal Pradesh by air from major destinations in India such as Delhi and Chandigarh. It has some major connectivity with the rails. But the best and most exciting way to reach this beautiful destination is by taking the toy train service from Kalka to Shimla. You have to take a train up to Kalka (which generally starts from Chandigarh) and bask in to the beauty of this place slowly and steadily.