Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bask in the beauty of eternal Kashmir and enjoy the splendor of heaven in Earth

“If there is any heaven on Earth then this is it, this is it, and this is in (Translated).” These were the words that were originally uttered in Urdu by the famous Mughal Emperor Humayun when he first visited this mesmerizing place which is situated in the Northern Part of India. Kashmir is a place that has inspired poet, authors, painters and even filmmakers over the years because of its breathtaking beauty and its landscapes overlooking Himalayas. The valley sees a huge flock of tourist every year and reason which it is one of the sought after destinations in India.
A guide to the tour of Kashmir:
The Kashmir Tour is a one stop destination where you will get to see all the requisites in a single tour. The first stop that you should cater to is the capital of Srinagar where you can have an exclusive houseboat tour or Shikara travel on the Dal Lake and experience the valley and the hospitality of the local people. The breathtaking landscapes of the Gulmarg and Sonamarg are a must see when in Kashmir. If you want to take the tour o the snow covered mountain ranges then nothing can be better than the Pahalgam and both Sonamarg and Gulmarg visit.
The whole place has plenty of mosques, temples and Buddhist monasteries to you pay a visit to. If you are an ardent spiritual person then Vaishno Devi Temple one of the most sought after and popular pilgrimage spot of Hindus is a must see. Other than this Leh ladakh is not far from Kashmir and you exclusive Kashmir Tour can cover the higher altitude regions of Buddhist centers of Leh and Ladakh.
The best time to visit Kashmir:
The climatic condition of Kashmir is one the colder side because of it being nearer to the Himalayan region so the best time that is prescribed to visit this beautiful place is during the mid of the year that is April to June. The weather at this time of the year is on the milder side and thus travelling with children and elderly people will be helpful on your part.
Connectivity to the rest of India:
Kashmir is fully connected with the rest of the country. There are number of rail networks that connect Jammu and Kashmir to the rest of India. You can take the air path to the region which is also connected with the major airports in India. Even the road networks are well connected and when in Kashmir, the road networks with deluxe buses and other services are there to make sure that your tour to this heaven on Earth is possible and your carry with an experience that is worth the remembrance.
So, if you have bee skeptic till now about your holiday idea in Kashmir then shrug off all the worries and pack your bags to get the experience of a lifetime in this beautiful place on Earth.

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