Monday, January 18, 2016

Spend the best holiday at Dooars


In our daily busy lifestyle, we hardly get time for relaxation. So we all need some leisure time for ourselves to start working afresh. Often under the pressure of work stress, we have to face a lot of problems in our personal as well as in our professional life. Travelling can give us some mental peace and the mental strength that helps us to improve our personality and behavior and also helps us to concentrate on our professional life. Tourism is travel for pleasure. Tourism can be domestic or international. Today tourism is a major source of income for many countries and also affects the economy of both the source and host countries.
Dooars region politically covers the plains of the Darjeeling district, the whole Jalpaiguri District and the upper region of Cooch Bihar District in West Bengal and the districts of Dhubri, Kokrajhar, Barpeta, Goal Para and Bongaigaon in the state of Assam.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

 There are various wonderful places to visit in Dooars. Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of them. It is about 124 km from Siliguri. It was established in 1941 for the safeguarding of wild animals, especially the ever popular Great Indian one-horned Rhinos. Other than one-horned Rhinos the wild life also has tigers, swamp deer, wild elephants, leopards, samber, wild pigs, spotted deer, barking deer, hog deer etc. Also in the Sanctuary Elephant riding is available. Best season to visit this Sanctuary is from October- May, mainly on March-April when the grass grows. Off season is from June 15th – September 14th when the Sanctuary is closed.

Where to stay in Dooars?

Jaldapara is well-connected by National Highways and State ways to important railway stations like New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri. The Delhi-Guwahati and Howrah-Guwahati routes also connect this area. One can also hire car from Siliguri or Jalpaiguri. Tourists can find comfortable accommodation and preferable food right in the heart of the Sanctuary at the Jaldapara Tourist Lodge. There are also small lodges in Madarihat just outside Jaldapara wildlife Sanctuary, where one night stay is available.

Gorumara National Park is another attraction

Gorumara National Park is another in Dooars where you will find the Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros. This national park is known for being one of the last small portions in E- India with a natural population of one-horned Rhinoceros.

Make your Dooars tour comfortable

 Dooars tour package can make your journey comfortable and exciting. There are several tourist packages introduced by different Dooars tourism agencies. You will have to choose one from them according to your choice. You can book a Dooars tour package from online Dooars tourism sites. 


Dooars tour can be one of your best holidays that can leave an impression in your mind for the rest of your life. The beauty of the nature and the adventure of the forests can steal your mind. Dooars is one of the most beautiful places where tourists can enjoy their holidays. The refreshing environment of the place is really mesmerizing.

Make your tour exciting with the Thailand tour packages

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places where you can spend your next holiday. This place is situated in the South eastern part of Asia. Thailand is famous for its natural beauty and the peace of the place. There are various places where you can enjoy your holiday and you can make them one of you memorable holidays. If you love to travel then Thailand you should travel at the Thailand at least once.

Various attractions of Thailand

 There are several places to go in Thailand and to explore them. The natural beauty, temples and the beaches are the special attractions of Thailand. Bangkok and Pattaya are special attraction of Thailand where tourists spend their holidays and have fun. The night clubs and the breath taking beaches are really attractive. There are various scopes for experiencing fun and sports in Thailand. People of all ages can enjoy in Thailand. The white beach is another attraction where tourists can refresh and relax themselves. You can explore the city by experiencing various local dishes and the local cultures of the place. There are various architectures that can make you amaze and you should visit them in Thailand.
Your tour can be best at Thailand in the winter season. November to February is the best time to enjoy the clear sky and the beach in Thailand.

Why you should choose tour packages?

When you have decided to spend you up-coming holiday in Thailand then booking a tour package is good option for you. There are various Thailand tour packages available in the market and you may choose one of them according to your need. When you are going to a place for the first time you should go with a tour package as you will get various places to visit through them. You will get many more facilities like you will have to pay once to book the tour package and after that they will arrange a comfortable tour to your destination.  There various online sites where you will get different Thailand Holiday Packages with different budgets. These sites provide various offers for the tourists as well. These Holiday Packages will show you different attractions of Thailand along with good accommodation. So if you want to make your trip easy and comfortable then you should book a tour package for Thailand before you start your journey. 


Thailand is one of the most beautiful places where tourists can enjoy the fullest and they can make the trip one of their best trip ever by booking a tour package for Thailand. The packages that are available in the market for Thailand provide you various comforts during the trip. The can guide you to visit the most beautiful places in Thailand as well. If exploring different tourist places is one of your passions then Thailand will be a great experience for you. The beauty of the nature and the stunning architectures of the place will steal your heart.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Experience nature at its best in Sundarban


Sundarban is one of the most beautiful places near Kolkata. This is the largest mangrove and delta forest where tourists can spend their holidays. If you love to enjoy the adventure of the forests then you should visit Sundarban once at least. Ganga, Brahmaputra, Padma and Meghna have flown through the delta. The adventure of this forest should be experienced by the travellers. 

Attractions of Sundarban

Sundarban is surrounded by various trees and the special attraction of this forest is the animals that live this dense forest. You will get various tourist spots to visit in this place. There are various eco-friendly cottages where tourists can spend their holidays. Tourists can spend their nights in the boats on the river as well. This will be an exclusive experience for them. The adventure of the dense forest can be enjoyed by the travellers. The local culture and various foods of this place is another attraction of Sundarban. If you want to explore the forest then you can watch the local cultural programs there. The natural beauty of this place is also wonderful. The sunset and sunrise view in the lap of the large river is awesome. The wild lives of this forest can be experienced by the tourists from the watch towers. There are numbers of watch towers for the tourists and the views of the forests from them are remarkably beautiful. The National park of the Sundarban is another attraction where tourists can know about the background of the forests. The models of the wild animals and information about them can enhance the knowledge of the tourists. Tiger is the special attraction of the forests and crocodiles in the river can be visited by the tourists as well. The large river and the refreshing environment can give you a relaxation. 

Tourist packages for Sundarban

There are various Sundarban tour packages that can help you to visit the dense forest comfortably. If you are making a plan to spend your holidays in Sundarban then you can book a tour package offered by agency according to your budget. You will get different Sundarban tour packages with diverse offers and comforts. You will get a helpful guidance from these packages that can make your Sundarban tour 2016 memorable. You will be able to visit the popular places of the dense forests and a safe journey through these packages as well. Sundarban tour 2016 can be one of your best tours which will leave an impression in your mind for the life time. 


Sundarban is a perfect place for them who want to explore wild lives. Tiger, Crocodile, Deer, Monkey and other animals can make your tour more exciting. The handicrafts of the local people can steal your heart and you can buy one from them to keep a memory of the place with you. Coconut water is another thing to drink at this place. Sailing on the boat and roaming in the forests can make your tour special and memorable.