Friday, December 25, 2015

Sundarban package tour cost

Want to get a slice of Mangroves and the salty scent of the Bay of Bengal? Then have to take a trip to the mouth of Bay of Bengal, Sundarbans. This is a place that is very important for the eco-system. Every year hundreds and thousands tourists come down here to pay a visit. There are so many various places that are worth a sight in Sundarban. If you are interested to go for a visit in Sundarban then it is important that you come in terms with all the various aspects of your tour to sundarbans especially the cost of the tour package. In this segment we will provide some idea about all you need to know about the sundarban tour. 

An idea about the Sundarban tour package:

The overall Radiance Sundarban tour is a value for money for the customers who come here to breathe in the freshness of the mangrove. There are various kinds of resort that you can choose for your stay at Sundarban. When you choose a tour package, the whole cost that you provide on per head basis covers the lunch, dinner, hotel stay and all kinds of sightseeing that are available in this beautiful place. The Radiance Sundarban tour is a perfect outing for the last weekends of the year when the weather is on the lighter side and you can feel the chills and enjoy the sweet sunshine hovering you from above.

With the amount of money you are about to spend in your tour of Sundarban the guide that you will provided with has an in depth knowledge about the area and is well experienced. You will get to feel the thrill of the canals that opens to the Bay of Bengal with forests on both side. You can take a direct route from Science City Kolkata to Jharkhali which holds the World’s largest mangrove parks and is included in the World Heritage Site. You can go to the Jharkhali watchtower to have an experience of the view of the wildlife below and enjoy the occasional peeks of the Royal Bengal Tiger. 

Take a stroll with a boat in to the river connecting the Bay and Bengal and enjoy a spine chilling experience between the dark forests. The best of opting for the various kinds of tour packages is that they are not on the costly side but is very much reasonable. One night and two days tour costs around INR 3500 with all the facilities and experiences which is otherwise not possible. 

The best time to visit the Sundarbans is the winter when the humidity is not present and you can experience weather and enjoy all the attractions. The time taken from Kolkata to Sunderban is about 3 to 4 hours on road while having a firsthand experience of all the things that you will come across on your way to the beautiful mangrove forests, the sea and also the wildlife and some peek-a-boo of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

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