Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sundarbans: Nature’s finest

The Sundarbans is referred to a natural region in Bengal that comprises of parts of Eastern India as well as Bangladesh and it is also known to be among the largest mangrove forests in the world. The Sundarbans is exceptionally large and is a traveller’s delight. The area spans across 10,000 square kilometres with over 60% of the area being under Bangladesh and the rest being in India. This iconic mangrove forest is known for its status as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is one of the most popular travel locations in the world in India and most people who come to visit come with the hope of spotting tigers that the region is famous for. 

Some of the key locations in Sundarbans include the Sundarbans National Park, the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve and also a Biosphere Reserve which is situated in the region’s delta in West Bengal, India. The regions surrounding the delta, namely Sundarbans South, West and East are forests situated in Bangladesh and they have a protected states. These three regions are known for their mangrove forests and is home to the Bengal Tiger. One of the best ways to explore the region is by getting a Sundarbans package tour as you will be needed tour guides to help you explore the region better.
It’s not only the beautiful flora and fauna that you experience at Sundarbans on a trip but also the culture that is prevalent in the region. There are many folk songs and dances that make the traveller’s experiences a whole lot better and getting a Sundarban tour 2015 is one of the best ways to explore all that the region has to offer to tourists from all over India and beyond. 

The Sundarbans is celebrated through numerous Bengali folk songs and dances. Some of the major attractions include the Sajnakhali Wildlife Sanctuary and the Sundarbans National Park. The national park is a part of West Bengal, India and is home to some of the rarest specie of invertebrates. The delta region is known for its extensive mangrove forests and the National Park has been in existence since 1984 and is widely recognized as one of the most popular tourist spots in West Bengal. Another common attraction is the Sundarbans Wildlife Sanctuary which is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The region is home to a range of Mangroves, Gewa stands and Goran stands. The river banks are scintillating and the region is home to over 35 types of reptiles and 260 species of birds. However the main attraction of the region continues to be the royal Bengal tiger. The coastal zone is also home to two endangered species including the Indian python and the estuarine crocodile.

Sundarbans is one of the best holiday destinations in the country and if you are wildlife explorer then you will surely love to visit the delta region which is home to some of the most fascinating birds and animals you will ever see and to top it off, the vibrant culture at the Sundarbans is not to be missed.


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