Friday, November 20, 2015

A practical guide to planning and booking your holiday in Kashmir

With the winter holidays approaching us, it’s time to plan our vacations and what better place to visit than the Heaven on Earth? Kashmir is known for its tourism during winter and it’s undeniably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. But planning your vacation to this stunning location can be a real ordeal as you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure you have a great holiday. Let’s take a look at some of the key steps that will allow you to plan your trip to Kashmir. 

Choose the dates: You need to fix the dates as soon as possible. You can easily find out your vacation dates at work and setup your trip to Kashmir accordingly. All of the members who are going should take a mutual decision about the time span you are willing to commit to the trip. 

Choose a destination: This is where it gets tricky. Choosing the right destination can be a real ordeal as there are countless places to see and Kashmir is home to some of the most beautiful locations on Earth, making it very difficult to fix a single place. Some of the most popular travel destinations you can choose for your Kashmir tour include Sonmarg, Srinagar, Gulmarg and Pahalgam. The mountains and flower valleys are a treat to visit and you should consult a travel guide or talk to a travel agent who can help you with the details of these locations and you will be able to plan your vacation accordingly.

Keep your preferences in mind: You should always keep your preferences in mind when you are planning your vacation. The package you choose should be tuned to your convenience and choose locations that you want to visit. There are many companies that offer customized packages and getting a custom package allows you to enjoy your vacation better. 

Activities: Your activities at your Kashmir trip are what will make the vacation fun and it’s important you discuss about the activities with your fellow travelers and list them accordingly to your preferences to your travel agent so they can be arranged in advance. You should definitely not miss the skiing experience at Kashmir as it’s fun and thrilling. 

Transportation: Choosing the right mode of transportation is important. Delaying in these matters will only make your planning ineffective and hurried and you should ensure your tickets are booked in advance. Getting tickets late can be difficult and you might have to compromise on quality. 

Safety guidelines: Make sure you follow all of the local regulations when it comes to security and safety. Always carry a postpaid connection as the location is highly sensitive and does not allow prepaid connections. Do not wander off to far off locations or stay alone in desolate places alone.
Most importantly, have fun on your tour. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and you should relax and unwind to come home refreshed and ready for more memorable trips with your fellow travelers.

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