Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spectacular Ladakh 

 Located at an elevation of 3,500 meters over sea level with Kunlun Mountain Range to its north and main grand Himalayas to its south, is the diminutive, yet lively town of Leh.

Being the greatest metropolis of Ladakh, Leh tour is very popular and draws the maximum visitors. Besides linking one of the quiet hamlets & valleys of the area it is among the few lingering Buddhist destinations of South Asia.

It’s a cold desert whose arid topography experiences far-reaching weather alterations. The temperatures in these regions are so intense that during the winter season the temperature ranges from 0- 28 degree and during the temperature ranges between 3 and 30 degrees. Due to the diverse temperatures an ever increasing altitude those going on a Leh tour are advised to carry defensive drugs for altitude associated sickness.

Places to visit in Ladkh

Among the places to visit in Ladkh is Leh Palace that’s situated at the rear the key market and features eight storeys. It is like Lhasa’s Potala Palace and is a part of ladakh’s royal family. If you go a bit further part it you’ll come across the famed Chamba Temple, a single-roomed shrine featuring an enormous emblem of Maitreya. Those who have difficulty locating this temple can get help from the shops in the second row.

Then there is the open market, right at the peak of the lane from where you can catch a great sight of Jama Masjid. This has a painting of white & green colour. One more place that is a must see is Sankar Gompa, located within the metropolis and among the earliest structures of the place.
The Thiksey Monastery, which is also a must see, can accommodate a maximum of 20 monks at a time and is a reasonably active one. This monastry’s monks are known for their extremely cordial nature and greet all visitors with yak butter tea.

This monastry’s the greatest of the monasteries of central Ladakh whose primary attraction is its upright statuette of Maitreya located in the Maitreya Temple that is inside it. This statue measuring 15 metres in height is the greatest of such statues of Ladakh.

Shopping in Ladakh

Tibetan Refugee marketplace that is situated on the Old Leh Road is a great shopping place for those on a Ladakh trip. Tibetan marketplaces are branded for their collection of metalware. Those on a Ladakh trip who are art aficionados are going to like the sonorous bowls fashioned out of 9 metals that include decorative brass, cymbals, & copper trumpets.

Moreover, cymbals having devout themes that are commonly used during meditation can also be found in this market. All those visitors who are jewellery aficionados should watch out for jewellery of unpolished silver & turquoise. This market is also characterized by its great collection of premium rugs as well as carpets feathering conventional Kashmiri & Persian themes.

This market has a number of additional attractions and they are the, jewellery fashioned out of semi-precious stones, local Thangka paintings, diminutive prayer wheels, stoles, shawls, & music bowls.

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