Thursday, February 4, 2016

Give your senses the touch of spirituality with a visit to the Pious Puri

Puri is among the spiritual destinations in India. This place has one of the four main Dhams (Pilgrimage) of the Hindu religion. Famously known for the abode of Jagannath (Lord Krishna), this place is a mix of a good holiday destination and spiritual gateway. Puri is a place in the state of Odhisa or Orissa, situated in the Eastern Part of the Indian Sub-Continent. With the backdrop of the mighty and loud Bay of Bengal, this place can give your senses the feel of ethereal feel. 

What to expect in the tour of Puri?

The Puri Tour is famous for the Jagannath Dham as the temple holds one of the famous Gods of the Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna in a different form. The Lord sits with his siblings and is declared to be one of the important pilgrimage spot. The temple is not far from the Puri beach which is another reason that host of people come down to have a time of their own from the hustle bustle of the daily life. 

The loud Bay of Bengal stands in the Backdrop of the city roaring with its waves and gives away a feeling that this is the abode of the most popular Hindu God. The best part of this place is the Local Oriya cuisine that is finger licking delicious. The Prasadam from the temple itself is so delicious that everyday thousands of devotees go on to have a bite of the food that is offered to the Lord. 

Puri temple

Other than the temple circle you can visit the Golden Triangle which is a very famous spot in the city. If you want to feel the seas then the Mangrove visit is a must to go for. You can also mingle and pay a visit to the places that has the local tribes. There are other rural areas that are worth a visit when you are in Puri, other the Jagannath Dham there are various Temples and Cultural Drashans that can lift up your spiritual side. The beach burial site of the Hindus Sagardwar is another eerie place to visit which gives a reality check about life.
Do plunge into shopping when you are in Puri. 

The Orissa Culture is famous for their crafts and things made from the crafts made from the sea shells and conch shells. You can get various kinds of daily items made from these sea products and take them with you as a remembrance of this beautiful place. Puri has always been a mix of spiritually sound and culturally connected place with the touch of the modern world. The sound of the Bay of Bengal and the temple bells are a reminder that life is so beautiful then the usual city lights and car horns. So, take your mind and body from the fast paced city life and give it the energy of spirituality and serene beach with a customized Puri package tour.  

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